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Turn Your Company into a Great Place to Work®

Meet futureAlign Incorporated

futureAlign Incorporated recently received its Great Place to Work® certification. Our secret sauce for this prestigious recognition is the very same approach we apply through our end-to-end communications solutions with our clients.

futureAlign is a product of its own methodologies.

As a one-stop-shop for internal and external communications, futureAlign applies its methodologies to its own internal practices. We practice what we preach, and the result is an enabled and empowered workforce.

futureAlign values correspond to the Great Place to Work® dimensions.

Our team-defined values speak to the culture we’ve created at futureAlign. When mapped to the Great Place to Work® dimensions, we can see a clear line to the core values that not only comprise a Great Place to Work® but also drive business results and a high-performing culture.


Great Place to Work® Dimensions futureAlign Core Values
Respect Care
Camaraderie Partnership
Credibility Experience
Pride Truth
Fairness Courage


Communications, change management, and creative multimedia work hand-in-hand to shape employee experience and engagement.

The Great Place to Work® dimensions provide a foundation for a results-driven, positive, corporate culture. Once a company defines its values to support business objectives, the next step is to align your workforce. From leadership advising and strategic planning to content creation and multimedia implementation, futureAlign provides end-to-end communications that pave the way for a high-performing culture. When you provide your team with the map, directions, and tools for their job, you align people around the future that’s possible.


Being a Great Place to Work® drives a company’s ROI.

  • 50% less turnover at Fortune 100 Best companies. ~ Great Place to Work®
  • It costs 6 – 9 months of salary cost to replace a qualified employee. ~ Great Place to Work®
  • Highly-engaged teams show 21% greater profitability. ~ Gallup 2017
  • Employees who feel their voice is heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work. ~ Salesforce 2018
  • 57% of surveyed Americans state they would perform better at their jobs if they better understood the company’s direction. ~ The Balanced Scorecard, The Grossman Group, The Zeno Group


Does your company have what it takes to become a Great Place to Work®? Check out our solutions to see how our expert team of communications consultants can empower and align your people to achieve the future that’s possible for you.


Moneca Sheldan

Moneca Sheldan

Moneca Sheldan is President of futureAlign Incorporated whose company purpose is to align the organization around the future that is possible.

She brings 34 years of organization change experience with large-scale performance improvement projects. She has designed and led over 30 change transition programs in fortune 50 companies. These programs include executive alignment, employee engagement and communication strategy, new organization start-up and cultural change.

Her strong business background coupled with her individual and organization behavior expertise allows Ms. Sheldan to translate concepts into actionable new ways of working in business organizations.

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