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Happiness Factor: Using Smiles to Impact Your Bottom Line

The power of a smile is underestimated in the business world. But – it just might make the difference for a company trying to reach the next level of success.

Companies with happy, engaged workers are among the top performing in the world as there is a direct correlation to business results. Happy workers feel personally invested with a company – they are more loyal, more productive and they are even physically healthier.

We know it works and here is one example. After deploying transformational heart-centered culture work at a Fortune 5 company, the impact to the bottom line was undeniable:

  • Workers did not want to leave, even for more money. Attrition rates soared to 2% (when 20% is the norm) saving the company about $20,000 per person who might have otherwise left. This also reduced lost productivity time to recruit, train and assimilate to the job site.
  • Safety improved to record-setting levels because workers had genuine care for one another, which also positively impacted teamwork and unity.
  • Productivity and quality increased because of the renewed sense of pride in their work and desire to contribute to company success.
  • Recruiting became easier with word-of-mouth testimonials to industry peers driving quality workers’ desire to join the team.
  • Innovation and best practices flourished with workers actively contributing to continuous improvement efforts.

Now that you know the power of that smile, how do YOU create a happy and engaged workforce?

Based on our expertise in high performing organization culture and communication, futureAlign believes in the importance of connecting your employee’s hearts and minds to your company. This especially includes engaging your most valuable worker – those on the frontlines.

The cornerstone of our proven Frontline Forward™ methodology focuses on:

  • Building a one-team culture and sense of community by creating a common identity and common set of behaviors and values.
  • Fostering grassroots buy-in to the desired culture by developing peer-to-peer recognition of those who demonstrate expected behaviors.
  • Developing a regular cadence of heart-centered communications and storytelling that reinforces the culture, connects workers to the company goals and leaders as well as builds upon recognition of desired behaviors.
  • Consistent evaluation of the culture’s pulse that can quickly pivot to proactively address issues before they impact the workforce.
  • We connect with people, their hearts and their minds to bring contagious smiles to each and every person.

At futureAlign we do not keep our heart-centered approach to business a secret. As a certified Great Places to Work® we live our “happiness” values every day. We have shared our experiences with our clients with workforces ranging from 25 to 30,000 employees helping them transform their culture to be a happy place with great business results.

Want to learn more? We would love to give you a free one-hour consultation sharing more tips and tricks to bring heart and mind performance to your workplace and help you build the future that is possible. Email us at to find out more!

Amy Rosborough

Amy Rosborough

25 years experience developing and implementing global corporate communications for employees and executives with companies such as Dow Corning Corporation, Dow Inc., and Phillips 66, Bachelor of Arts Public Relations and Journalism

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