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futureAlign Receives Great Place to Work® Certification

futureAlign President & CEO Moneca Sheldan speaks about leading from the heart.

futureAlign Incorporated is officially a Great Place to Work®. Evaluated by the Great Place to Work® Trust Index™ survey’s five dimensions, the company was analyzed through team member feedback on credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and camaraderie. The final tally resulted in 96% of its team members voting futureAlign as a Great Place to Work compared to the 59% rating at most companies*.

Building a Great Place to Work Culture

futureAlign Incorporated aligns people around the future that’s possible through heart centered business communications. We partner with leadership to articulate goals, craft purposeful messaging and training, and provide employees with the information they need to be empowered and act accordingly.

Not only do we pride ourselves on the commitment and support we provide to our clients, we also focus on creating a healthy and empowered internal culture that allows our consultants to bring their best, recommend improvements, and achieve career aspirations. Our tight-knit organization without forced hierarchies allows individuals across the business to tap into one another as they break down communication barriers in for their clients. This is the foundation we set to build a culture that 96% of employees say is a great place to work (futureAlign Great Place To Work Certification).

Defining Who We Are: The Voice of Our People

In developing the company’s core values, methodologies, solutions, and brand identity, we asked our consultants to put their brilliant minds, differing backgrounds, and unique expertise to work. Together, our consultants identified futureAlign’s core values based on their personal experiences and how the company partners with clients to customize solutions for their people.

Of important note, the company’s leaders did not participate in this activity. Why? We wanted our futureAlign consultants to feel ownership of and to embody these values. The consultants established our values as Care, Truth, Experience, Partnership, and Courage. They defined the values as follows:

  1. Care: We believe caring matters. This company was built with a heart full of desire to bring about change. We are a diverse team with equally diverse experiences, but we have at least one thing in common—a belief that having heart in the workplace is always a good thing.
  2. Partnership: We believe in creating a partnership—that building a relationship based on trust and mutual respect is inspiring. Having a partner who understands how to meet your needs, work successfully within your organization and anticipate the future is a true ally. We believe that when you succeed, we succeed.
  3. Experience: We believe experience matters—that sending the right person to do the job is important. Our team includes people comfortable in the grey space where communications strategy and culture merge, where the tried and true joins forces with creativity, and decades of experience are poured into making sure your business strategy is achieved.
  4. Truth: We believe the truth matters—that speaking frankly and openly to each other and to our clients is like breathing fresh air. While our recommendations and best advice may be easy or complex, they will always be what we truly believe is our best counsel.
  5. Courage: We believe in the power of courage—to challenge the status quo, to do extraordinary things, to challenge ourselves and you (clients, stakeholders), to follow our hearts, to admit when we are wrong, and to give it our all every single time.

Evolving Our Great Place to Work

Providing our team the opportunity to participate in these culture workshops on a regular basis, leveraging feedback streams as input to shape our business, providing equal opportunity and a flexible work environment, we’ve shaped an unmatched workplace experience for our consultants. By empowering our consultants to live and experience futureAlign’s core values, we better equip them to execute our award winning solutions for your business needs.

At the end of the day, each individual gets an opportunity at the microphone.   


* Source: Great Place to Work® 2019 U.S. National Employee Engagement Study.

Moneca Sheldan

Moneca Sheldan

Moneca Sheldan is President of futureAlign Incorporated whose company purpose is to align the organization around the future that is possible.

She brings 34 years of organization change experience with large-scale performance improvement projects. She has designed and led over 30 change transition programs in fortune 50 companies. These programs include executive alignment, employee engagement and communication strategy, new organization start-up and cultural change.

Her strong business background coupled with her individual and organization behavior expertise allows Ms. Sheldan to translate concepts into actionable new ways of working in business organizations.

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